Monday, September 13, 2010


Celebrating anniversaries, birthdays or the holidays is something that so many of us I'm sure love to do. My aunt and uncle just recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. We had been invited over to their place and it was a wonderful meal and time to visit and share family time. I love making items to share whether it's a card or something like this. I found this kit to make this at my local scrapbook store (Gone Scrappin' In Bloom) and began immediately to make it for them. They are also going on an Alaskan Cruise so I thought that this would be very fitting for them to capture some highlights from their trip. They both loved it and seeing their expressions was priceless!!! I now can't wait to see what they will put for pictures inside!

The latest thing that we have taken a liking to at our house is 3D movies. My son Tim and I got the chance to see 2 of them this year with my sister's family! One was the most amazing Avatar. Unfortunately the true deeper meaning of the movie was hard for young kids to understand but I absolutely loved it. The second movie we went to see was How To Train Your Dragon!!! This was an absolute hit for the younger kids!

Just as 3D movies are amazing, so are making 3D items. The latest 2 that I have made were so much fun and I really got thinking at just how much I do enjoy making them. They are so quick to finish and sure can brighten up a plain ol' item. This first one was just a plain yellow velvety box and for a challenge on a scrapbook site we had to alter an item that you chose. This is the end result. The "Smooch Box" is not what you may be has nothing to do with kissing but I am a huge fan of Smooch, either the paint or the spritz. So I needed a container for my Smooch paint. The picture is shown above.
So, no matter what occasion, you don't necessarily have to go out and buy a special gift, or buy some kind of storage container to can take what you have at home or buy a kit and make a cherished gift! Doing something with your own two hands is something that feels so good inside and knowing that you made a difference to yourself or a loved one is something that money can never ever buy!

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